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Rent vs. Buy ?

What pops into your head when you think of real estate? Real estate is more than just buying or selling. A huge part of real estate is the rental industry. Could renting be a right move for you? When thinking about whether you should rent or buy, consider a few things.

-What can you afford each month?

-How’s your credit?

-How much space do you need?

-How long do you want to be in the area?

-How steady is your job?

-Can you afford a down payment on a home?

-Features, yard space, etc

Depending on your current life situations renting or buying can be a big decision. There are ups and downs to both for sure. But right now the interest rates are at an all time low. Depending on the space and size of home you’re looking for a mortgage may actually be a more cost effective option. If you’re looking to be somewhere short term a rental in my opinion would be the best option. We will get more into pros and cons of each but this is just a short spurt about things to consider before making a decision.

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