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Sunflower Seed Giveaway

Hello everyone! If any of you remember from last year I did a sunflower seed giveaway to honor the lives of two very, very special children. These two children touched so many people's lives. Their spirits will always live on in all of our hearts. This year I want to do the sunflower seed giveaway on a larger scale. I will be sitting outside my office 527 fayette street on April 22nd from 11am-1pm. I will be giving away packets of sunflower seeds! The reason for this giveaway is that the color yellow is a very important color in many ways, in my life and countless others lives. In honor of my little brother Nicholas who lost his battle to childhood cancer in 2012, and in honor of Julian Mittman who suddenly lost his life in 2020. His favorite color happens to be yellow, and the childhood cancer ribbon is also yellow. I ask that if anyone would like to, please swing by and pick up a packet of sunflower seeds. By planting these seeds, you are honoring their life by creating a new form of life in a color that represents them, bringing awareness, and keeping their memory alive. For every sunflower packet that is taken, I will donate $2.00 to one or more local charities. If you cannot make it to my office on Thursday April 22nd between 11am- 1pm. I will have a table set up in my driveway the following day, on April 23rd between 11am- 2pm, also handing out sunflower seeds! It’s for a great cause, also for the memory, awareness, and honor of two amazing children. Of course I will be wearing a mask and practicing social distancing! Thank you! Please share with your friends and family and stay updated!

Nicholas Mincarelli was an outstanding young boy. Not only was he my brother, he was also my best friend. Even till the end he never gave up the fight no matter how hard things became. He never let his illness get him down. He touched everyone's heart with his fighting spirit. Everyone who had the pleasure to know him remembers countless times where he pranked them or made them laugh. He always stayed happy. I commend him for always flipping every situation into a positive. He was absolutely my hero and still is. You will never meet someone tougher or more energetic than he was. He was always doing something nice for someone. Even when he was struggling after a long week of chemo or radiation, he still wanted to help others. He was always thinking about his friends and other children, and how he could help them. His spirit will always live on inside all of us. The color yellow represents for my family, my friends, and myself, the awareness and solidarity of childhood cancer.

Julian Mittman was an infectious little twenty month old. He seemed to be always smiling and happy. The few times I met him you couldn’t help but smile right back at him. The smile seemed to force itself right on your face. You could see all the love and happiness he had just from looking at his smile. He would light up an entire room with his personality and that smile of his! Anyone he met, he would immediately flash that infectious grin and giggle at them. His favorite color was yellow or “yayo” as he would say it. Of course his favorite toy was a “yayo” school bus. If he ever heard you mention the word “bus” like I did the few times I had the pleasure to talk to him. His face would instantly light up with excitement, and you were now his new best friend. The color yellow will always be a remembrance and honor to his family and friends because it was so special to him and represented what made him happy.

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