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What to Expect When Listing Your Home

Stage 1: Preparation

  • Get your home ready for sale. Prepare your home for picture-taking and tours by tidying up and making necessary repairs and improvements to give it a fresh tidy look.

  • Tackle the paperwork. Complete the appropriate listing documents and files, and forward them to your agent. Your agent should go through everything with you.

  • Think about the selling points of your home. Provide the agent with information about the best features of your house. They will be given special focus in the MLS listing and ads and pictures. Your agent will help you finetune a great description for your property.

Stage 2: Listing

  • Phone consultation with your agent. This typically takes place 1 to 2 days within the first contact.

  • In-person inspection and tour of your home. Depending on your availability as well as your agent, this is usually performed within a week after the phone call is placed.

  • Finalization of list price: We’ll give you this information 1 or 2 days after meeting.

  • Photographer appointment: You’ll be provided with a one-week notice to get your home picture-ready.

  • Yard sign set-up: Ask your Realtor for a timeframe.

  • Lockbox installation: Ask your Realtor for time frame.

  • Centralized Showings: Ask your Realtor for time frame.

  • Input photos in MLS and online: Photos are usually available two days following the photo session.

  • Establish the draft listing in MLS: This is done a day after the photos are received.

  • Forwarding flyers to your house: Three days after we receive the photos, we’ll send you the marketing flyers.

This stage usually lasts from 10 to 30 days.

Stage 3 : Showing

  • Listing in MLS and online: This happens when you are ready. We see best results when this is done on a Thursday or Friday.

  • Conduct your very first open house: This takes place once you are ready. The ideal day is Sunday.

  • First offer from a buyer: This commonly occurs within 30 to 45 days. You’ll be able to attract potential buyers if you set an appropriate price. Let your agent tell you what should be done with this step.

In general, this stage usually takes place in more than a month.

Stage 4: Post-Contract

  • Expiration of home-inspection contigency: Within 1 to 2 weeks from the time that the contract date is established.

  • Expiration of appraisal and financing contingency: More or less 1 month after the ratified contract date.

  • Final tour of the buyer: This typically happens a day prior the settlement.

  • Handing off of keys: The settlement and handing off of keys usually take place in more or less a month after the offer.

This stage usually lasts more than a month.

To sum everything up, the entire selling process usually takes about 3 to 4 months following the signed listing agreement. Remember—it’s important not to rush the process. As long as you’ve prepared your home and you’ve signed with an agent, 3 months is long enough when it comes to the planning stage.

The listing experience doesn’t always have to be burdensome. To ensure everything goes smoothly, start by choosing the most convenient selling date for you. It’s also wise to add a minimum of 14 days to this date so you’ll have time to attend to any unexpected problems or issues. Notify your agent at once when you encounter problems so you can work together to fix these issues.

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